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Kentucky Whoopie is a product of the Linnie and Minnie Baking Co. of Franklin, Kentucky. The product has its origins in the states of Maine and Pennsylvania and is known as a Whoopie Pie. Whoopie Pie is basically two cake-textured cookies stacked together with a fluffy filling. Here at Kentucky Whoopie, we've taken that concept and specialized it to our home state, good old Ken-tucky! Ya'll! We've stepped it up from basic to gourmet by use of variations in design, size, flavors and especially delicious ingredients. Whoopie Pies Southern Style! All Kentucky Whoopies are baked fresh on our farm in Kentucky in a certified commercial kitchen.

All our Whoopies are:

  • A dessert that sounds fun, AND IS!
  • The humbleness of our Kentucky home is part of the appeal of the South
  • A portable version of a large cake, with all the goodness & flavor of same
  • A cross between a cookie and a cake, with a sweet, creamy buttercream filling
  • A moist and delicious dessert that creates a warm feeling of happiness
  • Our Whoopies are baked fresh on a Southern Kentucky farm
  • A single, “guilty pleasure” for your day
  • We offer a secure site to order a quality products for your hectic lifestyle
  • Can be sent to friends and family so they can enjoy a bit of Kentucky!
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